Canyon Lake Fishing

Canyon Lake Fishing:

Fishing is one of the many reasons people decide to move to Canyon Lake. Since the community is gated the lake has a very limited amount of pressure on the fish populations. Catch and release bass fishing is the most popular however the lake holds an abundance of other fish like catfish, crappie, carp, bluegill and shad. If you go to one of the boat launches on the lake during a weekend you will notice there are a lot of bass boats and serious anglers. It is not uncommon to see a person from Canyon Lake in the list of names of some major national bass tournaments (BASS and FLW). Bass fishing in Canyon Lake is not talked about very much mainly because the public cannot access the lake and the lake is smaller than some of our surrounding lakes (however still 383 acres).   There are some GIANT bass in Canyon Lake and a double digit bass is not too rare of a catch!

Canyon Lake has a bass fishing club that holds many tournaments throughout the year and provides a fun way to get out on the lake and meet fellow anglers even if you do not own a boat.

The dream and reality of many is to have a waterfront home with a bass boat docked steps away from your back door. There are an infinite amount of docks to cover in the many coves and arms of the lake, and fishing every morning and evening is common for many residents. The lake is open 24 hours a day to fishing, however after dark you will be forced to idle only.

I only fish artificial baits and some of my favorite methods are the drop shot, t-rig, carolina rig and the wacky rig. My favorite plastics for this lake are the folowing: 6.5″ watermelon candy jackall flick shake paired with a jackall wacky head hook, 10″ Rage Tail Anaconda in various colors on a couple different shaky head setups, and both the large and small brush hog in various colors in a “brass and glass” setup. I also commonly use various crankbaits, spinnerbaits and top water baits as the conditions call for them.

Many residents use live bait, including crawfish and shad, which are probably the best way to catch fish, but I prefer the challenge of artificial baits.

If you want to talk fishing I am always ready!  Below is a picture of one of my clients catching a 12.5 lb spawned out LMB.