Canyon Lake FAQ

Canyon Lake FAQ

1.) Does Canyon Lake own the water rights to the lake?

No. Canyon Lake leases the lake from the owners, EVMWD and Temescal water district.

2.) When does the lease expire?

The lease expires in the year 2066 with the option to renew

3.) How many miles of shore does the lake have?

The lake has 14.9 miles of shore

4.) Do you have to be a property owner to use a boat on the lake?

No. If you are renting you have the boat rights through the end of your lease with your landlord’s approval

5.) How many boats can you have registered?

You may have 2 boats registered

6.) When the community is completely built will there be a problem putting a boat on the lake?

Current predictions indicate that when the community is fully built out it should not be an issue

7.) Are Jet Skis allowed on the lake? If not, where is the nearest lake that does?

Jet skis are not allowed on Canyon Lake. The closest lakes where you can Jet Ski are Lake Elsinore and Perris Lake.

8.) What year was the dam built in?


9.) How deep is the lake?

The average depth of the lake is 30-40 feet and reaches 80 feet near the dam (deepest part).

10.) Is the lake stocked with fish? If so, how often?

The lake is stocked with fish once a year.

11.) What kind of fish are in the lake?

Trout, Bass, Crappie, Channel Cat, and Blue Gill

12.) Where does the lake water come from?

The Mt. San Jaciento River

13.) How many lots are in Canyon Lake?

There are 4,800 lots in Canyon Lake

14.) What are the high and low temperatures throughout the year?

The temperature ranges from 40 degrees some winter nights up to 110 on a summer day.

15.) What is the altitude of Canyon Lake?

1382 feet

16.) How many acres does Canyon Lake contain?
2017 acres

17.) How many major parks are in Canyon Lake?


18.) Is there any natural gas available?

No. If you want to use gas in your home you must have a private tank in your yard (restrictions apply)

19.) How much are my POA dues?

Dues are currently at 244.00 per month

20.) What do my association fees pay for?

The majority of all association dues are used for maintenance of the city’s parks, grounds, golf course, pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, and security for the private community.

21.) How many board members are on the board of directors and how long are the terms?

There are 5 board members and each serves a two year term.

22.) What school district is Canyon Lake in?

Lake Elsinore School District

23.) What high school services Canyon Lake?

Temescal Canyon High School

24.) Are there any private schools in the area?

There are private schools located in the nearby cities of Lake Elsinore and Perris

25.) What kind of crime is there in Canyon Lake?

The crime averages in Canyon Lake are EXTREMELY lower than state and local averages and the city was cited as the safest city in Riverside County in recent studies.

26.) Where are the churches in the area?

There are churches spread out all over the area. Some are in Sun City, Lake Elsinore, Perris and Canyon Lake.

27.) Could I be held personally responsible if the association was sued and there is not enough money to cover the judgment?

No. You are not personally liable, but the POA could issue a special assessment if the need arises.

28.) Are there any bonds or assessments

Yes, water, sewer and trash bonds.

29.) Can the POA foreclose on me if I do not pay my monthly assessment?


30.) Do the Association dues go up?

The dues can and will go up, however no more than 20% in one year.

31.) Are motorcycles allowed in Canyon Lake?

No, they are not allowed within the gates of the city.

32.) If I board horses where can I ride them?

You may not ride in the city streets; however you may ride in the equestrian center or on the trails just outside the north gate.

33.) How many camp sites are there in Canyon Lake?

There are 105.

34.) Do the campsites have full hookups?


35.) Who is allowed to camp in the campground?

Residents of Canyon Lake and their guests

36.) Can you live at the campground while your house is being built?

Yes, however there is a maximum of 6 months permitted.

37.) Is the golf course private?

Yes, all golfers must be members of the community or accompanied by one.

38.) What is the rating of the golf course?

The golf course is rated by SCGA as “Good”

39.) How much does it cost to store a boat at the storage yard?

Current prices are $35.00 a month

40.) How much does it cost for a round of golf?

Members: $35, Non-members: $45

41.) Where are the closest hospitals?

Sun City and Wildomar

42.) Where are the closest super markets?

Super markets are within minutes of Canyon Lake and Canyon Lake has its own local market as well.

43.) Where is the closets major airport?

Ontario (40 miles away)

44.) Where are the closest colleges?

The closest college is Mt. San Jaciento Jr. College in Menifee which is 10 minutes away or less. Riverside City College and the University of California Riverside are 30-35 minutes away.