Buying a home is a huge commitment and requires either a lot of your own time to research multiple details and or requires you to hire the right professional.  When the majority of people start searching for a home they hire a local real estate agent that is savvy with the area.  However this is where you need to watch out as all real estate agents are not the same.  While it is usually a good idea to hire a Realtor from the National Association of Realtors, that is only the tip of the iceberg.  Agents SHOULD be ethical but that does not mean every agent is.  Interview 3-4 agents and see whom you connect with and feel like you can trust.  It is not uncommon for agents to only show homes with higher commissions and or weed out homes that can be a tougher closing. 

One common misconception is that you cannot use your own agent when buying a brand new home from a developer.  This is simply not true and I always highly recommend buyers to be represented by their own personal agent.  Your agent can help you negotiate price, upgrades, contingency timeframes and many other contractual items.  

A very important aspect while buying in Audie Murphy, Canyon Hills, and Tuscany Hills is the mello-roos amounts.  There are higher and lower areas of special assessments in each development / community.  Usually the lower tax areas are in the initial phase or two.  You might sacrifice and get a little bit of an older home but you can end up saving 2-400 on your monthly tax payment.  I have seen some homes with almost 7k in just mello-roos!  Have your agent run mortgage numbers and help you compare different areas by the payment amounts.  

If you would like any information and or payment amounts for any specific homes please do not hesitate to contact me.  My website chat goes directly to my cell phone and I am always around to help!

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