I get about an email a day that is from a “SEO” company trying to get me to use their services. Upon review of their info I always find an incredibly high monthly fee and not a very detailed or professional website. When I take the time and research further into these companies I find many complaints on ripoffreport.com and other company review websites. The most common complaint is simply that their website has not increased its traffic whatsoever over months and months of paying top dollar for the service. As I looked farther into this I started looking up pageranks for the SEO companies and their clients. Not one SEO website had a google pagerank of over 1 and most EVERY client had a 0 pagerank. You would think a SEO company would at least have GREAT search engine optimization for their own website. I looked up other big items such as DMOZ and Yahoo listings and found no client websites. I talked this over with some saavy programmers and webmasters and their opinion was that most SEO companies are “sketchy” to say the least. I am not saying that all SEO companies are scamming people but keep your eye out and do your research before you pay a company big bucks to boost your search engine optimization.

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